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Another powerful earthquake hit Nepal on May 12, 2015. This time the epicenter was Dolakha of Eastern Nepal. It not only killed several hundred people and injured thousands but also shattered the confidence and hope of people who were slowly recovering from the aftermath of the disaster left behind by the April 25 earthquake. At this time of difficult hour, we have dedicated ourselves to do whatever we can to support Nepal in this difficult time.

Here is a summary of what we have done so far since our previous briefing on May 10, 2015.

  • NCSBC has raised about $35,000 so far. Out of which it handed over $32,230.40 to the Canadian Red Cross Society (CRS) by May 20th. Donations collected until May 22nd will be handed over to CRS by May 25th. The amount deposited to CRS until this date will qualify for matching contribution from the Government of Canada. With this, NCSBC will close the first phase of fundraising for immediate relief efforts. However, a list of all the donated amounts is being prepared and we will share it with you once it is ready.
  • NCSBC has continued to raise funds with the help of its volunteers in different places including malls, work place, educational institutions and at different events.
  • Café Kathmandu organized a fund raiser dinner about two weeks ago. It donated a portion of the funds raised (i.e. $6,120) to CRS, and requested NCSBC to hand over the cheque to them.
  • NCSBC participated in the Quake Cottage event in Minoru Park, Richmond on May 8, 2015 which coincided with emergency preparedness week of BC. This event was the result of an initiative taken by the NCSBC members of Richmond area. NCSBC also raised funds during the event.
  • NCSBC is organizing a town-hall meeting on May 23rd in Surrey (Fleetwood Library, 15996-84 Ave) to present the work we have done so far, get feedback from the community members on some issues, and discuss a future road map that enables us to be a part of rehabilitation phase in Nepal.
  • NCSBC will continue to raise funds for long-term rebuilding/reconstruction phase. The channeling of raised fund will be in accordance with NCSBC policy guidelines, which is being prepared. The proposed policy guidelines will be presented, discussed and endorsed during the town-hall meeting on May 23, 2015.
  • A fund raiser is being planned for May 23-24th at Granville Island, Vancouver.
  • Fund raising dinners are being organized by the Chinese community at River rock Casino in Richmond on May 23rd and the Indian Community in Surrey on May 22nd to support the Nepal earthquake relief.
  • We have continued to spread message about the Nepal earthquake and raising awareness through media and participating in other non-Nepali community meetings.
  • We participated in a press conference in Richmond organized by Honorary President of Canadian Red Cross and Chinese media on May 13, 2015. We also participated in a fund raising dinner organized by the Jewish community in Vancouver on May 14th.
  • NCSBC participated in CBC and Global News interviews on May 12 and talked about the situation in Nepal in the aftermath of May 12 earthquake.

Once again, without your volunteerism and support, what we have done so far wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you all for your support. We also seek your support in the future.

We were responding to a critical emergency situation. In spite of our best efforts, we may not have been able to accomplish everything we wanted to achieve. If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact any of the BoD members. We also urge you to attend the May 23rd town-hall meeting and provide us your input and suggestions.

-The NCSBC Board

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