Multiculturalism and Human Rights

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Canada is a multicultural country. The government encourages people to take pride in their

language, religion and culture. It also encourages all Canadian to treat each other with

respect and to contribute to the Canadian society by taking part in community activities.

Canada has human rights laws that protect people from many kinds of discrimination.

It is discrimination if someone does not give you a job or a place to live because they

don’t like your age, race, ethnic or national origin, skin colour, family or marital status,

religion, disability, sex or sexual orientation. You can get help if you have a problem

with such discrimination. Call the Canadian Human Rights Commission at 666-2251

( in Vancouver) and 1-800-999-6899 ( elsewhere). Or call the B.C. Human Rights

Commission at 660-6811 ( in Vancouver),  387-3710 ( in Victoria) and 1-800-663-0876

( elsewhere in B.C. ).