Leaving Canada

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Landed immigrants can leave Canada for short holidays or family visits. If you plan to make

long trips outside Canada, especially if it is for more than 183 days, you must get a “returning

resident permit” from Citizenship and Immigration Canada office. Otherwise, you may lose

your permanent resident status in Canada.


Permanent resident may be asked to leave Canada permanently. Some of the reasons of

Deportation are :-

1. if convicted of a serious crime before they came to Canada and didn’t tell Citizenship and

    Immigration Canada about it.

2. if convicted of a serious crime while in Canada.

3. if lied or used false documents to enter Canada.

4. if broke promise to the Canadian government, e.g., if a person came to Canada on an

    immigrant visa with a condition to marry someone within 90 days, but didn’t get                                                                                             married if the government decides to deport someone, that person should get

information about the laws about it  and act on it by contacting a immigration lawyer