Canadian Citizenship

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   After three years or more years living Canada, landed immigrants may apply for Canadian

   Citizenship. Immigrant citizens have the same right as born Canadian citizens.

  Canada allows dual citizenship, meaning you can be a Canadian citizen and a citizen of

  another country at the same time. But Nepal does not allow dual citizenship.


  To become a Canadian citizen, you must

be 18 years old or older.
(ii)        be a landed immigrant/permanent resident.

           (iii)       have lived in Canada as a permanent resident for three of the last four years.

           (iv)       speak  some English/French.

know something about Canadian history, geography, and political system.
know your rights and responsibilities as a citizen of Canada.
(vii)       have a clean record with the police and the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
(viii)      take the oath of citizenship.
Parents must apply for children who are under 18 years old, and may do so at the time

of their own application.


To apply for Canadian citizenship, call the Citizenship and Immigration Canada office.

Ask for an “Application for Citizenship” forms package. You will need an application form

For each adult and child in your family. Complete the application form(s), attach all the

Necessary documents and fees, and mail the application to the Citizenship Case Processing

Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The address is on the forms package.

You may want to join a citizenship class to help you prepare for the citizenship test. For more

information, contact your local immigrant settlement agency, school, community college or