Nepal Shall Rise Again

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A quake that struck
In a land that’s far
Where the earth that shook
As in times of war

Oh, the Nature’s power
Reduced to rubbles
The Dharahara Tower
And magnificent temples

Many a small houses
And buildings tall
Crumbled and collapsed
Crushing helpless souls

All that I could do
Was watch, horrified
With a heart that broke
And a mind, terrified

The chest that heaved
The throat that choked
Knees that wobbled
And tears that flowed

Distressed for the safety
Of the loved ones there
After many a frantic calls
Did I learn, safe they were all

But a week has passed, and
The heart is in desolation
As the more that I learn
Of the terrible devastation

Such is the pain
In the fragile heart
And unsettling agony
In mind’s every part

From the nation in pain
I feel bad that I am far
But my motherland is always
Right in my heart

Though shaken is my soul
And my broken heart cries
I know that it’ll heal again
As surely shall Nepal rise


– Ajay Pradhan,

Reposted from with poet’s permission

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